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The Tour of Remodeled Homes 2022 in the Media

"Family-friendly remodel: Strathmoor Village home gets a big update for this growing family"

“We didn't really find exactly what we were looking for, (but) we weren't ready to build yet,” Rachel said. “We (thought), 'OK, we need to do something here because this is not going to function for a five-person family.'" She and Cody enlisted the help of Twin Spires Remodeling, who completed an 800-square-foot renovation of their home, including a full basement finish with a bathroom addition; a newly remodeled kitchen, staircase, and living room; and a more open floor plan on the main level." 


"...This home is one of 10 featured on the 2021 Tour of Remodeled Homes, taking place across Louisville Aug. 14-15. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets."  (Read More)  Lennie Omalza. Courier Journal, July 22, 2021.

"Tour of Remodeled Homes showcases remodeling trends of 2021"

“Crews are putting the final touches on 10 remodeled homes ahead of the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville’s 2021 Tour of Remodeled Homes this weekend.


Brandon Buttorff’s project is House number 10 on the tour map, and he’s excited to show off his clients’ remodeled kitchen and master suite. “What we did was quite a bit of change in this house. Remodeling is definitely seeing a boom with people working from home and the cost of new construction so high,” said Buttorff." (Read More)  Katrina Helmer. WDRB, August 12, 2021.

"Cherokee Gardens ranch home goes from 1960s retro to classic and modern in full remodel"

“When we bought it, we knew we wanted to make it ours, and make it more functional and also accessible,” Julie said, adding that attending The Tour of Remodeled Homes a few years ago is how she and Ralph got inspired to finally start the process. “We went on the tour because ... if we're going to remodel, we need to see what this is all about because we were clueless. We went two years in a row, (and) by the second year we'd decided (to move forward)." "...The Blankenbakers met Stonehenge Construction at the tour and enlisted their help in creating a revamped space — one of the main goals of the remodel to create a kitchen that would offer better functionality." (Read More)  Lennie Omalza. Courier Journal, July 29, 2021.

"Tour of Remodeled Homes inspires homeowners to make some changes"

“After taking a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tour of Remodeled Homes is back on August 14th & 15th. This year’s 2 day event features 10 remodeling projects from 8 different BIA registered remodelers and their companies. From additions to houses to full-floor renovations, you can find inspiration for your next project." (Read More)  Keith Kaiser. WDRB, August 13, 2021.

"Louisville’s popular Tour of Remodeled Homes is back in 2021"

“The pandemic has led to many big Louisville events being canceled in 2020. But as vaccinations began this year, so did the plans for this year’s Tour of Remodeled Homes. ...Because many of us can relate to needed updates in our homes, and are curious to see how improvements can be made while being able to ask contractors about costs, hundreds of people come to the tour throughout Jefferson County every year." (Read More)  Connie Leonard. WAVE 3, August 13, 2021.

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