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Stonehenge Construction LLC

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Eric & Karen McKechnie

Stonehenge Construction, LLC

Project Address: 1606 Osage Circle

Anchorage, KY 40223

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Whole House Remodel

Stonehenge Construction was hired by the homeowners of this stunning 2-story colonial to completely renovate and remodel their entire home. One of the main tasks was removing two back to-back wood-burning fireplaces that extended from the 1st floor all the way up to the roof. Additionally, two walls and a foyer closet were taken down in the kitchen to create an open floor plan. A spiral staircase off the kitchen was also removed to make way for a larger kitchen, a walk-in pantry, and a new mudroom area. Several exterior doors were moved, and a larger opening was
created into the log cabin room. The hardwood floors on the entire 1st floor, stairs leading upstairs, hallway, and three bedrooms were refinished. On the 2nd floor, the primary bathroom, daughter’s
bathroom, and laundry room were remodeled. Walls were also moved to provide two walk-in closets.

The clients had specific requests for their project. They wanted a larger kitchen with a walk-in pantry and mudroom for their children’s sports area. Removing the spiral staircase allowed for the relocation of the laundry room from the basement to the 2nd floor. They also desired a complete remodel of the primary bathroom and the addition of a new bathroom for their daughter.

There were a few challenges encountered during this project. The demolition of the fireplaces required additional manpower and resulted in a significant amount of brick and mortar removal,
totaling up to 30 tons. The lead time for cabinets, interior doors, and trim to match the existing ones was also a challenge. Furthermore, more hardwood had to be sanded and stained beyond the original scope of work. Despite changes in the schedule, keeping the client informed and updated helped ensure a smooth process.

In terms of industry trends, special features, and unique touches, Stonehenge Construction incorporated several elements. The old cabinets were repurposed in the walk-in pantry and laundry room to save costs. The inclusion of walk-in pantries and closets, which are not commonly found in older homes, added functionality and convenience. Additionally, two gas lanterns were added to the
front of the house, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Overall, Stonehenge Construction successfully fulfilled the client’s desires for a larger, more functional kitchen, improved bathrooms, and additional storage spaces. The challenges faced were overcome, and the final result incorporated industry trends and unique touches to create a truly
remarkable home.

Total Square Footage of Project: 2,000


Cabinets: M&H Custom Cabinets
Countertops: Stonemark Granite
Appliance: Century Entertainment
Appliance install: Bourbon City Appliance Installer
Carpet Runners: Carpet Specialists
Closet and Laundry flooring: Premier Flooring

Demolition: Black Box Dumpster
Dumpsters: RedBox dumpsters

Lumber: PC Lumber
Framing:  Green Construction
Plumbing: Specialty Plumbing
Electrical: Chris Nunn Electric


HVAC: Birkhead HVAC Company
Windows/Doors: Architectural Windows & Doors
Plumbing Fixtures: Ferguson
Roofing: DMW Roofing
Hardwood Flooring: A & W Hardwood Flooring
Brick material: Lee Building Products
Mason: Watt Masonry
Drywall: Flores Drywall
Trim Material: WHI
Trim: Specialty Construction 

Tile/backsplash - Advanced Quality Tile
Paint: Weiss Painting & Custom Excellence Painting

After Photos - Coming Soon!

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