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Java Construction LLC

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Steve Hartung

Java Construction LLC

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Project Address: 6904 Windham Pkwy

Prospect, KY 40059

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1st Floor Remodel | Open Floor Plan

Steve Hartung and his team at Java were hired by the homeowner to remodel the first floor of a 1700 square feet property. The goal was to create an open floor plan and incorporate a sunroom. The remodel involved updating the layout of the kitchen, office, foyer, laundry room, and flooring.


Starting with the kitchen, a complete layout change was necessary to modernize and open up the space. The addition of new kitchen tops and updated appliances enhances the luxurious feel of the kitchen.


In response to the homeowner's request, a new laundry room was added, complete with a mud bench and a dog wash area. This addition provides convenience and functionality for the homeowners and their furry friends.


To bring the entire first floor up to date, Java's team removed the existing flooring and replaced it with wider hardwood floors. This choice not only adds a contemporary touch but also creates a cohesive and seamless look throughout the space.


One significant challenge during the remodel was the conversion of the screened porch area into a sunroom. Java's team successfully removed the concrete in this area, allowing for the creation of a beautiful and relaxing sunroom space.


Overall, Steve Hartung and his team at Java executed a successful remodel, transforming the first floor into a modern and open living space.

Total Square Footage of Project: 1,700


  • Appliances | Bonnycastle Appliances & TV

  • Brick | Lee Brick & Block

  • Built-ins | Specialty Construction 

  • Countertops | Trademark 

  • Doors | K-I Lumber

  • Drywall | Alvarados

  • Electrical Contractor | Indeed Electric

  • Framing Contractor | Pro Craft Construction

  • Hardwood Flooring | Unique

  • Heating & Cooling | Prudential


  • Interior Finishes | Specialty Construction

  • Interior Lighting | Brecher's Lighting

  • Kitchen Cabinetry | Cornerstone Cabinets

  • Lumber | K-I Lumber

  • Paint Supplier | Sherwin Williams

  • Painter | Scotts Painting

  • Plumbing Contractor | Dauenhauer 

  • Staircases | K-I Lumber

  • Stone | Coronado Stone

  • Tile | Custom Works

  • Window Company | Marvin

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