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SB Home Renovations

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Brian McDonald

SB Home Renovations

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Project Address: 15113 Chestnut Ridge Circle

Louisville, KY 40245

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Transitional Home

SB Home Renovations, in collaboration with Studio Nine Interiors, embarked on a transformative project to revamp the exterior and main living areas of a transitional-style home. This comprehensive
renovation encompassed construction and furnishing selections, resulting in a refreshed and character-filled space.

No area was left untouched, as the entryway, dining room, living room, and kitchen underwent a complete makeover. The exterior of the home underwent a notable transformation, giving it the
appearance of a newly built house. Updated finishes, including fresh paint, stone accents, columns, windows, doors, lighting fixtures, and trim, revitalized the exterior and added a sense of elegance and sophistication.

The interior spaces were infused with charm and interest through various design elements and features. Wall molding was incorporated, adding texture and depth to the walls, while also creating a classic and timeless look. A custom dining cabinet storage was installed, providing a cozy and intimate seating area that enhances the dining experience.

To create visual interest and elevate the design, an accent ceiling was introduced, serving as a focal point in the main living area. This unique touch adds depth and dimension, making the space feel more dynamic and inviting. Open kitchen shelving was implemented, allowing for easy access to frequently used items while displaying decorative pieces that add personality and style to the kitchen.

The client’s primary goal was to achieve an updated look with character. By incorporating wall molding, a dining built in, an accent ceiling, and open shelving, we successfully fulfilled their vision and added the desired character to the home.

Fortunately, there were no significant challenges encountered during the project, as the client was easygoing and a pleasure to work with. Several industry trends and unique features were incorporated into the design to elevate the overall aesthetic of the space. The use of wall molding not only adds a touch of elegance but also aligns with current design trends.

The recessed dining built-in provides a functional and stylish solution for seating, maximizing space utilization. An accent ceiling adds a touch of drama and visual interest, creating a focal point that draws the eye upward. Lastly, the inclusion of open shelving in the kitchen allows for easy access to essentials while showcasing decorative items to personalize the space.

This exterior and main living area renovation project successfully achieved the client’s goal of an updated look with character. The addition of wall molding, a custom dining cabinet, an accent ceiling, and open kitchen shelving transformed the space into a charming and inviting home. By incorporating industry trends and unique touches, we created a transitional-style space that is both
visually appealing and functional.

Total Square Footage of Project: 1,500


  • Century Entertainment & Furnishings

  • StoneMark Granite

  • Ferguson

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