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Why choose a Registered Builder or Remodeler?

The distinction of Registered Builder or Registered Remodeler is not a title that someone can simply purchase. In order to become a Registered Builder or Remodeler, an applicant must:

  • Provide each customer with a contract and a one-year limited warranty.​

  • Have more than 5 years of experience in the construction industry.

  • Have demonstrated both financial and on-site management of a construction site.

  • Submit names of 10 previous customers, 8 of whom must say they would recommend.

  • Have 2 sponsors with knowledge of the applicant's construction activity and business integrity.

  • Have acceptable credit history.

  • Appear before the Registered Builder Committee for a personal interview.

  • Have no unresolved complaints or outstanding liens filed against them or their homeowners.

  • Take part in annual continuing education.

  • Abide by the BIA Code of Ethics.

  • Have both workers comp. and general liability insurance.

  • Agree to a conciliation process in the event of an issue.

​All of these criteria combine to provide you with confidence that you are dealing with a professional who is dedicated to providing you with a quality build or remodel.

We invite you to read the history of the Registered Builder Program, view our suggested checklist for hiring a Registered Builder or Remodeler, and explore an article full of tips for helping you select the right contractor.

*Search our professional builders and remodelers.

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